eNets Open API integration with Browser using asp.net - ERROR CODE=0010-50001 and ACTION CODE=3
  1. Ramachandiran Murugesan
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  3. Tuesday, 07 August 2018
Dear Friends,
I am developing open API integration with asp.net B2S, I got the below error message after I do the posting my values to enets uat by using sendPayLoad(txnReq, hmac, keyId) method.
Your valuable advice/solution appreciated.
Aside to this I have few more questions

I have my developer’s API Key ID and Secret Key, for merchant ID do I need to use my Client’s Merchant UMID received from eNETS?
Does it require test/host merchant application to any particular public IP that is allowed by eNETS (Like older method with UMID Posting to enets)?
Does it require any IP/Firewall config in my server where my merchant application hosted?
does it required to send email to enets to quote this error to know what is the issue?

I have used one of the shared credentials in the forum.
Secret KEY : 38a4b473-0295-439d-92e1-ad26a8c60279
API KeyID : 154eb31c-0f72-45bb-9249-84a1036fd1ca
MerchanID : UMID_877772003
{"ss":"1","msg":{"netsMid":"UMID_877772003","tid":"","submissionMode":"B","txnAmount":"30.00","merchantTxnRef":"1392","merchantTxnDtm":"20180807 13:57:57:492","paymentType":"SALE","currencyCode":"SGD","paymentMode":"","merchantTimeZone":"+8:00","b2sTxnEndURL":"https://uat2.enets.sg/MerchantApp/sim/b2sTxnEndURL.jsp","b2sTxnEndURLParam":"","s2sTxnEndURL":"https://uat2.enets.sg/MerchantApp/merchantNotificationServlet","s2sTxnEndURLParam":"","clientType":"W","supMsg":"","netsMidIndicator":"U","ipAddress":"","language":"en"}}
I have verified the above hmac with the following link and its correct. ( did SHA256 and performed Base 64 encode)
Please quote ERROR CODE=0010-50001 and ACTION CODE=3 with the below merchant information:
Merchant ID=UMID_877772003
Transaction Date Time =20180807 13:57:57:492
Merchant Reference=1392
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Quick glance:

txnAmount":"30.00", format not correct.

merchantTxnDtm":"20180807 13:57:57:492"

Use following UAT portal and compare all data in https://uat2.enets.sg/MerchantApp/b2s.jsp, include the UAT API Key and secret key




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Merchants of the applications by the normally to open from the error will be also to contain from values of the shared. That will also be credentials on the assignmentgeek review there will be also by the below advices have sustained from the integrations of the browsers.

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