eNETS payment testing returns response code 0052-50180
  1. Siok Cheng Chua
  2. eNETS
  3. Wednesday, 07 November 2018
I trying to integrate eNETS payment on my website but I keep receiving an error with response code 0052-50180. I couldn't find the error code in the documentation, therefore I'm seeking for your kind assistance here.
{ "ss":"1", "msg":{ "netsMid":"UMID_877772003", "tid":"", "submissionMode":"B", "txnAmount":"10", "merchantTxnRef":"20181107 195152514", "merchantTxnDtm":"20181107 19:51:52.514", "paymentType":"SALE", "currencyCode":"SGD", "paymentMode":"", "merchantTimeZone":"+8:00", "b2sTxnEndURL":"https://sit2.enets.sg/MerchantApp/sim/b2sTxnEndURL.jsp", "b2sTxnEndURLParam":"", "s2sTxnEndURL":"https://sit2.enets.sg/MerchantApp/rest/s2sTxnEnd", "s2sTxnEndURLParam":"", "clientType":"W", "supMsg":"", "netsMidIndicator":"U", "ipAddress":"", "language":"en" }}
HEADER FAILED TO MATCH. Header received :OCGTVEf9QJqa7d6SMVjXhP7CObpCMHdpo8cr2jfY5QM=headerGenrated : PZ2qr0Zbj1GWp548UrSrqDHljmMjE8jIgOX/dzaJxcw=-------------Decoded Message :{"ss":"1","msg":{"netsMid":"UMID_877772003","merchantTxnRef":"20181107 195152514","netsTxnStatus":"1","netsTxnMsg":"Gateway Internal Error","stageRespCode":"0052-50180","txnRand":"46186658148344916","actionCode":"1"}
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